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Welcome ... Bernard W Bennetto is an IT consultant and lecturer in IT

This home page is intended as a tool for marketing his consultancy and training services, disseminating published and unpublished material and for pursuing his hobby of trading first release pre-recorded videos.

Below you will find the following choices:
The CV Pages

The following option links to personal details such as education, qualifications and memberships.

The following options link to the consultancy work which he has undertaken.  Since there is so much detail AND so as to avoid being forced to browse through the links in chronological order, the links have been designed so that one can make ones way through these details in a more structured fashion. One can select and jump to the relevant detail according to:

Use of the browsers 'BACK' icon will return one to one's jumping off point so that a further selection can be made.

The Video Pages

This option links to pages concerned with the collection and trading of pre-recorded videos. As an avid collector of pre-recorded videos, he has built up a substantial body of knowledge on such videos and this page is intended as a initial means of disseminating this knowledge to a much larger audience of like-minded individuals. The material has been organized under a series of headings which link to corresponding sections within related files. Currently the sections are:

The pages are sponsored by Vincent Kelly of Fish Music, 79 Church Street, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5LD. Fish Music has a collection of over 10,000 films currently available and Vincent will buy and sell both CDs and videos. The telephone number is 01908 227225.

The Research Pages

This option links to a selection of published material which he has prepared and presented during the course of his career.

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