Bernard Bennetto's Curriculum Vitae

Assigment List - 1967 - 1985

10.82 to 11.84 RDW - Vehicle Registration Agency - Data Administration Consultant

Veendam & Groningen, Netherlands
A long term contract with the task of leading and guiding a team of 12 analysts and programmers in the design of a new relational database for the Dutch Vehicle Registration Centre.

The database was to initially hold registration and ownership details for some eight million vehicles and subsequently to provide for extension to recording MOT certification and driver licences. This was based on DMS 1100 software but was to use no pointer linkages and therefore relied heavily on the 'relational model' and research on System R (the prototype for DB2 and SQL/DS). Assistance and guidance was also provided in the preparation of standards - particularly the development of database programming procedures to maintain relational database integrity.

In parallel with and to support the requirements and data analysis and database design effort, a customised data and functional analysis structured methodology was developed and a manual data dictionary was evolved and introduced based upon the customised analysis and design methodology. Subsequently, this manual dictionary was automated using a relational 4GL - MAPPER. The system supported the need for holding data and functional analysis and design documentation and automation of the estimation of the workload demands of both online and batch processes.

Guidance was also provided in project planning, management and control, and in the absence of suitable software, an automated MAPPER based project planning system was also built to coordinate the database development with the application development and the hardware/software installation.

5.84 to 11.84 - Meditel - Information Provider - Analyst and Design Consultant

Rotterdam, Netherlands
A part time, PC-based parallel assignment involving the analysis, specification and design of a client server type Viewdata system to support access by Dutch GPs, hospital doctors and dentists to a range of medical databases and to provide an electronic messaging system.

1.79 to 10.82 - Unisys NV - Computer Supplier - Technical Support

Amsterdam, Netherlands
This long term contract assignment involved providing pre-sales, technical and project management support to the pre-sales support staff and the clients of Unisys NV (notably Dutch PTT and Amro Bank) on the implementation of on-line TP, communication and database software and the procurement of hardware. It required advice on the strategy for the construction of an interface between the customer's own the and the manufacturer supplied software.

The assignment also involved acting as a consultant for a major network communications study for the Dutch PTT so that they would be able to link DEC and Unisys hardware over a wide area network. This involved the definition of software to provide ISO OSI functionality for file transfer and task to task communication. It also involved the evaluation of various transport control (Layer 4) protocols and packet switched X25 implementations for the Dutch PTT.

In addition, during this period, pre-sales support was provided to the Unisys Sales Representative. They required the definition of an IT Strategy which would underpin a 15 million guilder sales proposal for the Telecommunication Division of the Dutch P.T.T. The hardware and software was needed for an integrated customer information system (ITCIS). The system consisted of twelve major application developments using a large shared database. The IT strategy was based on the Unisys 1100 product range and was incorporated into the Unisys sales proposal. The proposal was also backed up by a major sizing study to demonstrate a capability of handling peak arrival rates of 30 transactions per second.

A further responsibility was the preparation of ITT containing a statement of requirements for a Dutch Bank for the procurement of mainframe hardware and software to handle daily foreign transactions and Nostro accounting. This involved the use of analytical modelling software (BEST1)

During this period, other exercises involved with the introduction and 'qualification' of Unisys's 'beta test' data dictionary software (DDS 1100) into Holland and the implementation of their screen processor software DPS 1100 for a number of customers.

A further study was a data centre site audit of the reliability and performance of a group of three Unisys mainframes operated by the Automation Division of the Dutch PTT and the preparation of a plan of corrective action.

1977 - 1979 - CACI Inc - Database Consultancy - Group Manager

High Holborn, London
Employed by CACI as a Consultant and then as a Group Manager on the design of banking and corporate databases for IBM, ICL and Unisys hardware. Acted as a consultant on the data analysis, data modelling and database design for two DMS 1100 banking databases for the National Bank of Bulgaria:

  • a customer accounts database held details of the financial records of eight million customers to support both update and retrieval transactions from a country-wide network of terminals
  • a settlement database held the accounting records of each state enterprise so as to provide a means for the settlement of all inter-enterprise transactions and so as to provide numerous periodic financial reports.

Also engaged, as one of a team, in:

  • a large scale requirements and data analysis exercise for a major UK cable manufacturing company involving an overall analysis of the company's operations and data in order to construct functional and data models and to recommend a corporate strategy for the use of IDMS database technology - the requirements and data analysis were documented using the ICL Data Dictionary
  • the definition of a total IT strategy comprising the hardware configuration architecture, the databases, the support software and the major applications for a major international oil/chemical corporation - this involved the use of automated procedures developed and implemented on an IBM 5100 to support a major sizing study to demonstrate a capability for handling peak traffic volumes and use of the IBM Data Dictionary to document the requirements and data analysis.

Subsequently, as Group Manager, assumed the leadership of a team of twenty consultants and in-house staff. The team was involved in analysing and preparing an initial design for an integrated IMS clearing database for the clearing house owned by the three Norwegian banks. Requirements and data analysis was carried out in each of the banks in toto and modelling and analytic techniques applied to select a strategy. Management information and decision support system considerations were of major importance as well as the split between local and centralised hardware facilities. Use was made of Data Manager for data dictionary support.

During this time, in view of the infancy of structured methodological techniques, required to actively develop and to advocate the use of the CACI Methodology so as to support these projects. In addition, engaged in training customers in Designing Online TP Systems and the CACI Data Analysis and Design Methodology, authoring a revised Data Analysis and Data Modelling course and improving the methodology. Some of these improvements were incorporated into the IEF Methodology when the principal 'players' left to join James Martin Associates.

1971 - 1977 - Open University - Distance Teaching - Senior Analyst/Database Designer/Database Administrator

Milton Keynes, Bucks
As a Senior Analyst, undertook:

  • work on the development and maintenance of ICL 1900 applications within the student records area (course allocation, conditional and final registration, home experiment kit control)
  • design and project management for the development of a new integrated system for the customer accounting of fees - the system supported two way automatic interfaces with other university systems whereby the interfaces automatically generated and processed feeds to update the fee status or downgrade the appropriate registration status.

Additionally, as a Senior Analyst, conducted O&M investigations into:

  • the effectiveness and efficiency of clerical procedures for maintaining the Student Records computer systems and the redesign of related procedures
  • procedural and organisational changes required for the support of a Student Fees computer system.

In 1975, having been promoted to the post of Database Designer, assumed responsibility for the design and implementation of Codasyl DMS 1100 databases on Unisys 1100 mainframes. The databases supported:

  • on-line query and batch access to records of part-time tutors held on a tutors database
  • access via a courses datto parameterised details of all university courses (current, planned and historical) and which separately updated details held in some thirty conventional file locations
  • control of a communications database, designed for extremely rapid response, which maintained records of all valid transactions, and their users and respective passwords, together with screen formats, transaction data collection and recovery areas.

Responsible for selecting and introducing a Data Analysis Methodology. The selected method was the CACI Methodology. This was one of the first major uses of a methodology in Europe.

Subsequently, in 1976, promoted to the post of Database Administrator which included responsibility for leading a team of six people in the design of:

  • a student enquiry database taking information from conventional files and supporting some 3000 enquiry transactions per day and
  • a totally integrated database of university students which was designed to support 100 batch programs and 10,000 transactions per day, and which had linkages with other interdependent databases.

As Database Administrator, responsible also for:

  • establishment of a corporate strategy for the development of a corporate database involving the eventual establishment of autonomous but linked databases over five years
  • the definition of standards and procedures for data analysis, database design, database programming, recovery and integrity to support the operation of the dba function
  • the definition of performance standards and introduction of monitoring tools and techniques.

During this period, due to shortcomings in the CACI methodology, a variety of improvements were made to the methodology. In the absence of suitable manufacturer's software, a manual data dictionary was established to support the documentation of the meta data.

During this period, presented the Open University's evidence to the committee preparing for Data Protection legislation and developed the University's corporate approach to the privacy of personal data and prepared systems for the enactment of such legislation.

1971- 1971 - Electrosil Ltd - Component Manufacture - Senior Analyst/Programmer

Sunderland, Co Durham
As an analyst/programmer, using Assembler and Fortran, responsible for:

  • design and implementation of a production line maintenance control system for the assembly line manufacture of electronic componants
  • implementation of hardware/software for key to disk and design and construction of Assembler programs for data entry
  • implementation of statutary changes and related maintenance of the Fortran based payroll system
  • design of a budgetary control system to interface with related systems so as to produce balance sheets and P&L statements.

1970 - 1971 - Ramar Dresses Ltd - Garment Manufacture - Analyst/Programmer

Crook, Co Durham
As an analyst/programmer, using Assembler and Fortran, responsible for:

  • the maintenance of a production scheduling and control system for the manufacture and assembly of garments
  • the maintenance of a payroll system and the initiation of an investigation into its redesign
  • the design and development of a bonus calculation using feeds from the production control system.

1969 - 1970 - The Plessey Group - Telecommunications - Analyst

Sunderland, Co Durham
As an analyst, responsible for a variety of exercises:

  • conducting O&M investigations into existing clerical procedures and the design of new clerical procedures necessary for the support and maintence of ICL based systems.
  • membership of a pilot project team working on the implementation of an ICL stock control and parts breakdown system
  • leading the implementation of a computerised contract system for the manufacture and assembly of crossbar telephone exchanges

While studying for an MBA, research work was also undertaken into the usability aspects of the new stock control system. A study was undertaken into the psychological and organisational implications of the new system for the clerical staff concerned.

1967 - 1968 - Durham University - Computer Unit - Programmer

Durham City, Co Durham
Following initial training in IBM Assembler (360 and 1130), Fortran and PL/1 provided programming support to research teams and to lecturing staff.

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